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To join, fill out your application and post it on our application community: ctu_app.

1. You must be 18 to join this community. No exceptions, your birthday MUST be in your userinfo!!
2. You do not need to be sexually active to join. You can be a virgin, a sex fiend, or just on a "break".
3. Participation is required to stay in the community.
4. Make a post if you will be absent for any length of time so we don't delete you.
6. All entries must be friends only.

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Cin : jereve : graphics moderator

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We want this to be an open community where discussion and conversation occurs. This is not a voyeuristic journal, so if you are here just to see a bunch of naked girls, you're in the wrong place!! If you add yourself to the community, you need to be an active member. You will be deleted if you do not conversate and conrtibute to this community.

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