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I'm new :)10/23/06 @ 09:16am

Good morning ladies, and thanks for accepting me :) I'm pretty sure I know at least some of you, but I'm looking forward to getting to know those of you that I don't.

I think the rules said to post your app when you join, so here's mine - My ApplicationCollapse )

And, by way of introduction, I thought I'd x-post an entry from my personal journal. ;)

WhoreCollapse )

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Hiatus1/29/06 @ 06:57pm

I have been meaning to write a post and make some comments. I am hoping to do so sometime soon. I hope I am still welcome in the community. I have been having a really hard time with my life but things are clearing up now. Am I still welcome in this community? Please let me know :)

mood: hopeful
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Apply Here11/23/05 @ 09:59pm

Please put your application in a comment on this post. The comments will be screened. Once you have applied, you may join the community. Once our members have voted on your application, you will either be accepted or rejected.

If you do not post your application here, you will automatically be rejected. Good luck!

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Maintainer Post: Cleaning Up The Community9/4/05 @ 03:43pm

We are a pretty small community with 14 members. However, there are at least 20 people listed who 'watch' the community. As a maintainer, I find this rather alarming considering that those who are not members but are 'watching' can see any posts that are not marked as "friends only". So, the point of this entry is twofold:

1. Current members: please be very careful with what you post here. All posts, however mundane or innocent, should not be left public. The whole reason we are a closed community revolves around being able to post and comment about specific and personal matters in our lives and if it's public, any person willing to list themselves as a 'watcher' is able to see your business. And believe me, some of these people are not people you can trust with anything!

2. Those of you who still have the community listed under your friends page, will you please remove our community from your friends page so that you are no longer listed as a person who is 'watching' the community? Some of you are ex-members, some of you never even applied. No matter what the case, this community is not open to you and we do not wish to be bothered by you trying to read any little post you can if it is accidently marked "public". It's really sad to think some of you can't let bygones be bygones and insist upon 'checking up' on things that have nothing to do with you. So, be the bigger person here and stop 'watching' us.

I'm leaving comments disabled so that we don't get a lot of unnecessary comments, especially from people who are not even members. If you have something to say about this post, feel free to email me at I'd be happy to respond to any of your concerns or questions regarding the community and it's policies.

Take care, and have a nice day!!

Inactive Members5/11/05 @ 01:07am

The following members have had their member status removed due to being inactive. If you no longer are interested in being in this community, kindly take yourself out of the community completely. At this point you still have access to post and comment, but not to see "friends only" posts.

Inactive Members:

If you do not respond to this post within a few days, we will remove you completely from the community. We want all members to feel safe sharing here and it's hard to feel that way when there are people "lurking".

Thanks. Your mod, Michelle

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2/9/05 @ 07:11am

My Application :)Collapse )

mood: hopeful
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sorry, everyone2/5/05 @ 12:03am

I'm sorry to the ladies in confess_to_us and also in wonderful_women. I am not being a very good moderator!! I have been having some personal issues the last two days that I'm trying to take care of...on top of the fact that my computer is on high alert since our virus protection ran out. I can't seem to do anything for more than 5 minutes without some damn thing popping up and freezing my computer, or just re-popping up. I hope things will straighten out shortly. In the meantime, I hope my co-mods graciously pick up the slack!!

I will try to reply to all the comments but I can't guarantee anything. Thanks for being understanding!!


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heads up1/8/05 @ 08:44am

just a heads up to all of the communities i am apart of:

mrstrouble is now jereve



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Testing 1-2-310/25/04 @ 10:53pm

Trying out the new application procedure.

..and yey it worked!
To those waiting for the new interview process:

1. Repost your application. Copy and paste is fine unless you feel like changing your answers.
2. Members will comment and "interview" you.
3. Based on your application and answers to interview question each member will approve or disapprove, however the moderators make the final call and either stamp approved or deny.

Thank you all for your understanding!
Hope to see you all back.


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Want To Apply??10/25/04 @ 10:25pm

Hi Everyone!!

Nikki and I just added some stuff and changed some things around so please check out our userinfo and if you would like to either apply or reapply, feel free to do so according to our new guidelines. Any questions or comments will be answered and listened to as fast as we can get to them.

Thank you for your continued patience in this matter!!

Michelle, moderator

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